Wednesday, May 7, 2014

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We have been missing you, reader!
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However big things are going on at the moment for this reason the blog has not been updated. But please stay turned, because new, interesting posts are coming up very soon!

For now here is the list of alternative designers that have caught The Corner Of My Eye (however all originally or currently based in Russia):

Enjoy the rest of the week and have a pleasant weekend!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Talking a bit more personal today, just want to share with You and the The Corner OME, what does mean memories to me and just think what drags you back to that particular moment.

There are a few amazing tools that make us travel around the past: smells, songs and places or even a taste of food. Just remember what evokes you smell of cigarettes, different perfumes, smell of food, even a smell of the air.

Even scary, how little sense can make you travel in the past or bring the memories of some moment when this smell was especially used! 

This sunday morning a smell on the street made me suddenly feel to be in Italy having my ordinary, at that time, breakfast with a friend. 

Recently I have bought coffee seeds for my breakfasts, normally I never drink coffee at home but there was the only one moment... When I used to live in Florence and I have met with one very lovely person, who later became very special to me and for whom I bough this coffee so I could welcome him with his preferred drink. Meanwhile he was away I used to sip this drink every morning before going to work. Now 3 years later, when I wake up in my Notting Hill flat and go straight to the kitchen and feel that unusual smell of coffee which immediately brings me back to this beautiful period of my life that reminds me summer, happiness and that magical feeling of being in love.

There was a time when I used to live in Milan meanwhile did a summer course, and used walk to school in the early mornings, when sun was still raising and you could feel this fresh and chill air. Now every time I walk though early morning streets and feel this fresh but warm wind I immediately have an impression going to this school. The funny thing that I don't even remember what in particular course taught me, but this fresh air will stay forever with me!

This list can easily go on and on!

The music, that particular song that you always used to listen on vocations, that use to play in every cafe and every passing by car. One time I on purpose listened to the same set of songs while chilling out by pool... and yes, it worked, whenever I listen to this set of songs it makes me feel being on this sun bed next to this very pool.
And what about places? Your favourite hang out place where you always used to go with your friends or that restaurant, where you always used to go with you boyfriend and so people, food, smell ambience everything associates with him.

What's more interesting that those resources are even stronger than any picture been taken during this time.

Monday, March 24, 2014


Piaget Rose earrings in 18K white gold set with 72 brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 0.45 ct) and 2 cushion-cut pink tourmalines (approx. 2.8 ct)

Piaget Rose ring in 18K white gold set with 39 brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 0.44 ct) and a cushion-cut pink tourmaline (approx. 2.68 ct).

Piaget Rose necklace in 18K white gold set with 52 brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 0.74 ct) and 2 cushion-cut pink tourmalines (approx. 2.82 ct).

Source: Pictures and text has been taken from

Wise versa

Simple rules to live this week wisely:

1. Start to appreciate silence, normally we are scared of it. Happens to everyone to tell something stupid just to brake an awkward hush or turn music on just to avoid inconvenient solitude. But remember that only in a calm state of mind you can hear your heart beat and what it whispers. Do not mess up gracefullmess of peace.

2. Try to avoid to shout loud about your plans and never show off your wealth, jealousy has never been canceled. We know that it won't really affect you that much, but it may harm someone's feelings and created misguided attitude, that we may not want it to be happened. Let ordinary people think that you are ordinary and special people, that are close to your heart, know how special they are, so share with them your true feelings, hopes, dreams, goals and desires simply because they love you and wish to see you happy.

3. You don't need to talk if there is nothing to say. Words should have a meaning and a weight. If those words do to represent your true thoughts and feelings, than again keep the golden silence. It takes a word to kill or to animate - that is how powerful words are. So use this weapon wisely.

4. Always have a dream or a goal, that is what will make your day to go with a flow. Motivation is a great driver that will never keep you bored. Also nice to know that passion will set you young forever and help you go through daily troubles.

5. On the way to your dream, be grateful for what you have. Being constantly concentrated to obtain, can dismiss something that you already have. Look around, life is a magical creation that does not need to be complaigned about.

6. Be honest with your self. Be honest with your friend's and family. What's the point of pretending? Giving is a new receiving, but even better! In another words you recieve what you give. So please, be sincere and generous.

7. Try to keep a balance in everything you do. Extremes are fun but equilibrium and yin yang will never go out of fashion because it is the most refind formula of life.

Wisdom is not being smart or cleaver, it is being kind and happy!
We wish you a great week!